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Chromaflo Technologies is the leading global manufacturer of colorants for the decorative, industrial and in-plant tinting markets.

Formed from the merger of the Evonik Colortrend and Plasticolor colorent businesses, it has since acquired Elementis Europe,
Kreate and CPS Color.

Contact for a quotation.

Architectural Paint: MONICOLOR Universal
COLTEC Universal
NOVAPINT E Universal
NOVAPINT D Universal
PROMIX Universal
COLORTREND 990 Universal
Industrial Coatings: TEMACOLOR S Solventborne
TEMACOLOR W Waterborne
TEMACOLOR EP E Carrier based, Solvent
In-Plant Systems: Hydrosperse EU S Waterborne
Solvasperse AK W Solventborne


Please call us phone 0045 47385600 or send an inquiry to for further information concerning the products and prices.  
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